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ALBERO NATUR was established under the umbrella of LEELA COTTON, a family-run company founded by Susanne and Kemal Bektaş, two life-long environmentalists and partners. The story goes back to the early 90s, their search for organic, free of harmful chemicals, gentle-to-skin and safe-to-wear clothes for their firstborn. This search has led them to create Leela Cotton, a brand that provides organic clothes to be safe for the kids and the environment in 1994.

As the family and Leela Cotton grew together, the second generation joined the company and decided to carry this 30-years-experience to adult clothing. Leela Cotton grew up and ALBERO NATUR came to life in 2013.

At ALBERO NATUR, our mission is to provide the healthiest clothes closest to your skin with the lowest impact on the planet. We offer you a wide range of underwear and socks produced in trusted factories using Aegean organic cotton only..


Everything that affects your skin also affects your health!

The skin is our largest organ, the barrier between us and the environment. But are you aware that your clothing constantly exposes you to chemical, unhealthy substances?

From cultivation to dyeing, each step in textile production requires various chemical additives that can be harmful to health, even if the textiles are washed before they are worn for the first time. Pesticides and fertilizers used during cotton cultivation, as well as hazardous chemicals used to dye fabrics, can leave toxic residues on clothing. Our body absorbs them through the skin.

But not only our health, also that of the textile workers is damaged by the constant contact with the chemical substances, as well as the entire ecosystem.

Albero Natur, on the other hand, offers underwear that has been produced sustainably and ecologically and is good for our skin instead of damaging it.

In order to achieve this goal, we have established the following criteria:

  1. We only use raw materials from organic farming . Our cotton consists of 100% Aegean, organically grown cotton, ie the soil and groundwater are protected, as is the health of the farmers. The entire production process from the raw material to the end product is controlled and certified by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). Certification is based on ecological and social criteria.
  2. No Harmful Chemicals . We have a list of banned chemicals that could harm the environment, the health of the textile farmer and the wearer. All accessories such as buttons or zippers are made of natural materials as far as possible.
  3. Ethical Production . We work exclusively with trustworthy producers whose working methods we have known and appreciated for years. All steps of the production process, packaging, labeling and shipping are monitored and controlled by GOTS, according to strict ecological and social criteria.
  4. Functional, timeless, durable products . When designing our products, we attach particular importance to longevity, durability, functionality and safe wearing comfort. We prefer timeless design and high-quality fabrics and workmanship. Our fashion is not fast-moving! We don't need new cuts and colors every season; the Albero Natur style is independent of constantly changing trends. Our standards are quality, functionality, wearing comfort and attractive design.
  5. Low CO² emissions . The entire production process from raw material to finished product takes place within a small limited area of ​​Turkey. The finished garments are transported to our warehouse in Bremen by ship or train. This is how we avoid unnecessary CO² emissions during transport. We also use the climate-neutral services of the freight forwarders DHL, Go Green and DPD.
  6. Less waste . We try to reduce the packaging for the transport and resale of our products to the absolutely necessary minimum. We do not use polyester bags for each individual garment, a very common and convenient method in the fashion industry to transport goods easily and safely, but which are actually unnecessary and a typical example of over-packaging. The little packaging we use is reusable, recyclable and compostable. Our paper packaging (hangtags and boxes) are FSC-certified. This ensures that the materials come from responsible sources and comply with ecological and social standards.
  7. Environmentally Conscious Team . All of our products are vegan. Veganism makes an important contribution to achieving our ecological goals, as groundwater pollution and greenhouse gases resulting from factory farming are reduced. In our family, we have practiced, supported and promoted the vegan lifestyle for a long time, including in the workplace.

We support our team in using alternative, environmentally friendly means of transport to get to work. Since the network of cycle paths is very well developed in our company location in Bremen (“The city of short distances”), it makes sense to cover the distance by bike.

We separate our waste, reduce our use of paper in the office and organize regular training to reduce our ecological footprint in the workplace and in everyday life.