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ROOTS.ECO was founded in 2013 by a family with 30 years of experience in the production of eco-friendly textiles. Our goal is to offer sustainable and reliable products, to combine fairly paid work and ecologically sustainable production conditions, and to produce clothing that is not harmful to our health.

Greenwashing-free Zone for Fair Clothing

We have no more time for apologies and long-term promises. Instead, we should all take full responsibility for our consumer behavior, for a more livable environment!

We can create a positive ecological balance, good and fair jobs and at the same time improve our economic well-being! Ecology and economy don't have to be opposites if we throw outdated business practices and false assumptions about sustainability overboard.

Here are our answers to these misconceptions about the fashion industry and sustainability:

1. The textile supply chain is long, complex and hard to trace.

Not for us! Our work as a family business began in the early 1990s. From day one we have designed and produced every single piece of clothing as if it were for our own children! That is why health and environmental compatibility are the top priorities of our business. We chose our producers and brands based on these criteria.

We are aware that certificates and controls are not enough for a transparent and sustainable supply chain, so we have built close relationships with our long-standing production partners. We know every step in the production chain and every employee, from the cotton field to the finished garment.

2. Sustainability is about balancing trade-offs between Environment, Society and Economy.

Sustainability is the new buzzword! The industry has used it in a wide variety of variants for its own purposes, as there is still no universal definition of this term. The business world interprets the concept of sustainability as a balancing act between ecology, economy and society, but this does not correspond to reality.

We are more convinced by the perspective of the nested circles, developed by "The Natural Step"( Natural Step | Approach ). We believe that there is no equality but a hierarchy between the 3 pillars of sustainability. Without a healthy ecosystem and human well-being, there is no point in talking about growth and profit.

Traditional perspective: Society and ecology are subordinate to the economy

New perspective: Nested dependencies between economy, ecology and society

3. The solution is "Green Consumerism."

Consumption as we have understood it so far is not a solution! We cannot fight against the exploitation of nature by developing new markets for "greener" products without questioning the speed and level of our consumption. In order for something to actually change, we have to slow down our current system. That is why the main focus of ROOTS.ECO is on the longevity of a product. ROOTS.ECO wants to offer eco-friendly, fair trade and durable products that will last for years. The only number we care about is how many times we don an article of clothing!

4. Commitments are vital for a sustainable future.

We need sustainable self-commitment to achieve our goals. When a climate emergency occurs, rapid action is urgently needed. We know that short-term changes in behavior are more important than ambitious goals, the usefulness of which is often questionable. All ROOTS.ECO brands are not only committed to social and ecological sustainability, but also keep an eye on their ecological footprint and do something to prevent or improve it.