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Sustainable denim from the fiber to the end product.

The production of denim is one of the most polluting industries in the fashion industry due to the large amounts of water it uses and the use of many hazardous chemicals, particularly in the dying of the fabrics - which often involves simply dumping toxic effluent into the nearest river - and in the process the final processing of the products. In particular, the environmentally harmful sandblasting process - for the fashionable "used look" - exposes the workers to high health risks.

In cooperation with our long-standing partners in Turkey, we have created a new, sustainably producing jeans brand - EVERMIND:

EVERMIND offers jeans products of high quality, organically grown and sustainably produced with the greatest possible reduction in pollution. In every production step, from the raw material to the finished garment, we follow our philosophy: Less environmental impact - more environmentally friendly products.

Sustainable materials: EVERMIND jeans are made from GOTS-certified Aegean cotton. We also use recycled polyester for areas where the performance of organic cotton is not sufficient. The entire production process is controlled and certified by the organization Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) according to strict ecological and social criteria.

PETA-Approved Vegan: We are against any form of animal cruelty. All our products have the certificate: "PETA-approved vegan". Veganism makes an important contribution to achieving our ecological goals, as groundwater pollution and greenhouse gases resulting from factory farming are reduced. In our family, we have practiced, supported and promoted the vegan lifestyle for a long time, including in the workplace.

No Harmful Chemicals: We do not use any hazardous chemicals that can harm our environment and the health of textile workers. We don't use potassium permanganate spray, stonewash, or sodium hypochlorite, which are known to be harmful but are still used in denim production.

FUNCTIONAL, TIMELESS, DURABLE PRODUCTS: Jeans were invented to last, longevity and durability are their most important characteristics. We eliminate all drying processes, including those performed with laser technology. By avoiding such measures that reduce the stability of the fabric, our jeans can maintain their durability and versatility.

The EVERMIND style is independent of changing fashion trends. We prefer timeless design, high quality fabrics and high quality workmanship combined with functionality.

We don't want any unnecessary accessories for our products. Rivets, for example, reduce the lifespan of jeans and make recycling more difficult, thus increasing the amount of waste.


For all accessories for our jeans, we use sustainable alternatives from globally recognized producers:

YKK NATULON: Mechanically recycled zippers

YKK: Eco-friendly jeans buttons

COATS Epic Eco Verde: Recycled sewing thread

We are transparent and accountable

The entire production chain, from the raw material through processing to the finished end product, packaging, labeling and transport, is checked by independent organizations according to strict ecological and social criteria. We are certified by GOTS, PETA VEGAN and RCS (Recycled Claim Standard). We have the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) certificate, which prohibits the use of hazardous substances during production.

We work exclusively with trustworthy producers in Turkey, whose way of working we have known and appreciated for many years.

For a better future we have developed 8 criteria that we share with our partner companies: